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Quit Smoking Can Reverse Skin Aging

Many of us have tried over time to quit smoking. I am personally ex-smoker myself so I do understand hows and the whys of what it takes. This is an amazing article with lots of helpful information as well ideas oh how to quit smoking. About 480,000 Americans are killed by cigarette smoking yearly and about 41,000 of these deaths are brought about by secondhand smoke exposure. Apart from being one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the US, cigarette smoking has been found out to speed up the ageing process.

Cigarette smoking and ageing

There are about 600 chemicals inside a single stick of cigarette. More than 7, 000 chemicals are created when a cigarette stick is burned and 69 of which are known to promote cancer and other serious health conditions. Some of these chemicals include acetone used in nail polish removers, arsenic used in rat poison, formaldehyde used in embalming, and many, many more.

You may not notice, but regularly puffing cigarettes speed up your ageing clock and increases your risks of other health issues. Majority of smokers look older than their age – inside and out. Smoking is detrimental to both your internal organs and your skin. Smoking ruins your appearance with dark eye bags, yellow teeth, wrinkles, thinner hair, dull skin, and more. (No one wants to look older than they are right?)

A 2013 study on twins by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found out that among the twins, the one with a longer smoking duration looked way older than their non-smoking or less smoking twin. It was discovered that the smokers had indistinguishably worse facial ageing than non-smokers. They have sagging upper lids, baggy lower lids, wrinkles, fine lines, and forehead lines.

How smoking speeds up ageing

Tobacco smoke dries up the surface of the skin making it grey, dull, and wrinkly. At age 40, smokers may already look like the 60-year-old non-smokers. More so, smoking deprives the skin of its much-needed oxygen and nutrients. Cigarette smoke constricts blood vessels and disrupts the normal flow of blood to the skin. Smoking also increases an enzyme production that damages and breaks down the collagen and the elastin. More than that, it also depletes Vitamin C – a much-needed vitamin in collagen synthesis. Collagen plays a huge role in maintaining the elasticity, firmness, and youth of the skin. When collagen is broken down, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear.

Radiation, a strong contributor to ageing, is also released every time you smoke. In fact, radiation from smoking one and a half packs of cigarette daily is equal to a year’s worth of 300 x-rays.

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