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Building Muscle workouts at home

Most people make an excuse that they do not have time to train, they are too lazy to spend time on workouts. Whatever time they left, they want to relax, watch television or listen to music. Here are a few excesses that may just be a solution for you. These can be done while listening to music or for TV commercials.


Put the body in a face-down and lift the body on both palms and feet keeping the body upright. Take the chest toward the floor whileexpiration and grow with the power of the muscles of the arm and chest while inhaling. If floor push-ups are hard for you, start date push-ups with your hand on the wall, then you push. Repeat at least 8 -. 10 times, increase the number of repetitions as the exercise becomes easier Push-ups affect your chest and arms the most. To make your chest the most do push-ups, his arms outstretched position.

  • Squats

Stand shoulder legs apart and feet forward. Sit and stand up to ensure that the knees do not lock. Do not go too far forward, try to keep your neck in line with your spine. Repeat this 20-25 times depending on the level of comfort too and then start increasing the pace of repetitions you have used too much exercise. The squat is the best exercise for fitness full leg. It can do wonders for your hips and thighs and buttocks. For best results can be done squats with weights.

  • Bicep curl

Biceps curls can be done while sitting on a chair or standing. You need a pair of dumbbells. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Lift the dumbbells again without bending your elbows. Repeat this exercise 10 times at least. As you get used to the exercise you can increase the weight or number of repetitions. Biceps curl is an exercise effective to increase the size of your arm.

Random Tip: Take a break once a week to give your body a little rest.

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