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Weight Loss

5 weight loss tips to keep you slim and fit

Excess weight leads to health problems related to obesity lots. In most cases, obese people suffer from type II diabetes and hypertension. If you’re one of those who have tipped the balance more than you should, start making a difference in your life today. Here are five tips weight loss could help you get fit and make you really good and attractive.

A balanced diet

Losing weight starts with a balanced diet. More often than not, people who are overweight tend to eat fatty foods more or less on the fibre. According to experts, having a high fibre diet helps you lose weight because the fibre helps to accelerate metabolism. Unlike the fatty foods that are often slower to digest fibre digestion. What’s more interesting about a high fibre diet is that you feel a full longer period of time. Since you do not feel hungry easily when you’re on a diet rich in fibre, you tend to at least between meals.

Drink plenty of fluids

Drink plenty of fluids is one of the best weight loss tips you’ll ever get. The good thing about drinking plenty of fluids is that it is very easy to follow. You just have a bottle of water on top of your table in the office and you will always be reminded to drink! Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Besides drinking water, drink plenty of juices. If you have a blender, mixat at least five types of fruit juices, you can drink all day. Other types of fruit that you mix in your juice, the more nutrients you get.

Climb stairs

One of the best ways to burn those extra calories is to climb the stairs. If you happen to work on the 10th floor of an office building, make it a point to use the stairs at least three times a week to help you exercise. According to experts, climbing stairs is equivalent to running or walking a few miles then go for it climbing stairs.

Walk while taking phone calls

If you think you can not get enough exercise while in the office, think again. There are many ways to exercise while you work in the office. One of the best ways for you to exercise is to get up and walk around the room while taking phone calls. Stretch your legs and flex the muscles while talking on the phone.

Do chores

One practice that most weight loss advice experts recommend these days is to do household chores. According to a recent study, housework helps you flex your muscles and joints. Cleaning the house and moving furniture on the process could certainly give you a good job. In addition, doing household chores not only help tone the muscles and loss of weight, but you can also save a lot of money on maintenance and housekeeping.

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